For the last year I’ve been in SEO land (focusing on Link Building & Community Outreach). Not so long ago one of my friend’s boyfriends asked me “What is Link Building?”. My reply was long-winded and it left me wishing that there was a one sentence prompt that I could give people when they ask me that question. Which happens often since I’m link building for the majority of my work these days. I started working on a link building infographic (to solve this problem). Coming soon. For now you can read the writings below to get a better sense of what I do.

Some Work Writings:
Get Your Guest Blogging Program Off the Ground and Running

Finding the Needle in a Haystack: 5 steps to Link Prospecting Triumph

3 Responses to “Work”
  1. Hey Amanda!

    I think I may have found your blog through your link building (although, I don’t know if the link from Thunder SEO qualifies as ‘your’ doing). The reason I am contacting you is that I am starting a ‘SEO Club’ at the University of Arizona and am in need of all the online support I can find. In particular, someone with a title such as “Link Builder Extraordinaire” could be extremely helpful to this group! Recently, I’ve been researching SEO and have only acquired an entry level understanding of some of its aspects. Becoming informed in the area was a difficult task in itself as traditional means for educating are very limited. I could not find any courses at the UA that covered this subject and have been relying on web forums as my only resource. In one way, this was very beneficial to me as I was forced to adapt to a new form of learning, but I also found it very frustrating that the UA offered no resources on such a vital and versatile subject. This became my motivation in creating Student SEO Syndicate in hope that this club will provide an avenue for fellow SEO enthusiasts on campus to connect and collaborate over our own SEO projects. If you are available to assist in any way please let me know. I have a few specific ideas where your help would be extremely valuable, such as guest lecturing (I know there is a bit of distance between us so a video lecture may be our best bet but a few members are capable of travelling if it is justified). I understand if you are too busy to help, but if you are able to even just point me in the right direction for helping these students become proficient in SEO I would appreciate it very much.

    Thank you for your consideration

  2. amandarecord says:

    Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for reaching out! I would start out with this post of mine ( which is basically a list of my favorite SEO readings from 2011. I’d also be interested in learning what topics you need help on. You can email me at with more details.

  3. Thanks for your support Amanda! I’ll let you know how the club turns out. Our first meeting is this Friday, March 2nd.

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