Comfort Food Cravings: Maple Peach Crisp

I’m trying to eat healthier. I’m gonna stay that again… I’m trying to eat healthier. After eating out for almost 2 weeks straight I was super excited to stock up the refrigerator in the new home. I bought Peaches with every intention of making this salad but instead made this peach crisp minus the maple … Continue reading

Spring Dish: Wet Polenta with Mushrooms and Ramps

Polenta is one of my favorite foods. It’s so simple. It’s basically Italian grits. My ex-boyfriend was southern and so when I would make Polenta with Osso Bucco I would tell him it was Polenta (he thought he hated grits) to ensure that he ate dinner. Technically that wasn’t a lie. I was just omitting … Continue reading

Jamie Oliver – 20 Min. Meal Cooking App

I’ve been a huge fan of Jamie Oliver since his Naked Chef days. I was uber excited when I saw his 20 Minute Meal App in the iTunes store. I’ve been struggling to cook at home lately and I just feel like crap when I eat out more than 3x per week. Then there’s the … Continue reading