Jackie and Kevin – Acrylic Portrait

This acrylic painting took me way longer to do than I originally thought it would. Pretty early on the thought occurred to me that maybe Jackie and Kevin wouldn’t want to keep a painting of Kevin choking Jackie? The photo that this portrait is based off of was taken at my going away party in … Continue reading

Festivus Fireworks at Bird Park

I spent the fourth at Bird Park this year. I’m not really one for Holidays. Last year I moved into my place on the first of July and for no good reason decided to be anti-social and do nothing on the fourth. Hanging out at Bird Park all day was fun. The crew from The … Continue reading

Best Friend Watercolor Series – Ethan Portrait

Ethan’s portrait, the second in the Best Friend series is done. I made the mistake of sketching it out with a graphite pencil rather than the cheap #2 pencils that I normally use. So I had to try to lay down as much opaque color along the super dark sketched out lines as possible. I’m … Continue reading

Jasmine Visits

The rest of the pics from Jasmine’s couple of days in San Diego. I’ve learned that my Instagram app doesn’t like Whistle Stop. So sorry for the piss poor quality on a lot of these photos. But I had the BEST time. It’s so nice to be around someone that I’ve known forever and don’t … Continue reading

72 Hours in San Diego

There’s this local organization down here in San Diego that asks residents where they would take out of town guests given 24 hours in San Diego. One of my oldest BFF’s came down for 72 hours but really I only got to take her to a handful of places; her visit was Mon-Wed. We hit … Continue reading