Jackie and Kevin – Acrylic Portrait

This acrylic painting took me way longer to do than I originally thought it would. Pretty early on the thought occurred to me that maybe Jackie and Kevin wouldn’t want to keep a painting of Kevin choking Jackie? The photo that this portrait is based off of was taken at my going away party in … Continue reading

Binki Shapiro – A Study

This past Friday I got the overwhelming feeling of needing to paint… something, anything. Luckily Aaron Brothers was having a huge sale so I stocked up on some canvases. I started on a portrait of one of my friends and her boyfriend. I can’t give too many details on that until I give it to … Continue reading

Best Friend Watercolor Series – Ethan Portrait

Ethan’s portrait, the second in the Best Friend series is done. I made the mistake of sketching it out with a graphite pencil rather than the cheap #2 pencils that I normally use. So I had to try to lay down as much opaque color along the super dark sketched out lines as possible. I’m … Continue reading

That’s one less blank wall

The most common reaction when friends come over to my apartment is “Where’s all of your stuff?”. Growing up in a family full of hoarders I’ve developed an aversion to clutter and making it look like I own as little as possible is an art form that I’ve mastered. But even I was getting sick … Continue reading

Lauren Portrait – Watercolor

My weekend was pretty unproductive except for the progress made on the watercolor portrait (seen below) that I am doing for my cousin Lauren for Christmas. A couple years (Pre-Lauren years) back I created portraits for almost my entire family (or those that get presents from me) for Christmas. LuAnn, Lauren’s older sister was included … Continue reading