OBSESSED with Clemence Poesy

She’s so cute and easy breezy French. I guess Clemence has been around for a while. But since I’ve never seen any of the Harry Potter movies (all the way through; short attention span). I was introduced to her when she made a guest appearance on Gossip Girl last season. Now Gossip Girl I am … Continue reading

Oh Adele

  I wish I had a cool old person name like Adele, Miriam or Tilda. I went through this phase when I was younger where I changed my name every other week and insisted that my parents refer to me by my new name. For some reason they played along too! Though the name’s I … Continue reading

My Weekend in San Francisco

Friday – Dinner in north beach, elbo room in the mission and Pupusas with Marianne Saturday – Dim Sum with my china doll.  Iced mint mojito at Philz Coffee in Soma, Run around the Embarcadero, Night out in the Marina with Erin & Co. Sunday – Vintage shopping with Ray & Zoe in Haight, Dinner … Continue reading

Nudes from Etsy.com

I’m not the most ambitious interior decorator. So when I moved into my new apartment I set out to re-create the living area of the apartment in the film, “The Break-Up“. Some might find the movie depressing but as someone that used to be in a relationship where we had 99.9% of those fights; I … Continue reading