The Best Donuts in Los Angeles

I LOVE donuts. It takes a really good reason for me to miss my Sunday donut ritual. This past Sunday was the second day of FYF, that qualifies. I reasoned with myself that the following day I would finally be able to stop into Umamicatessen for their made-to-order donuts and some pour over coffee. I’m … Continue reading

Comfort Food Cravings: Maple Peach Crisp

I’m trying to eat healthier. I’m gonna stay that again… I’m trying to eat healthier. After eating out for almost 2 weeks straight I was super excited to stock up the refrigerator in the new home. I bought Peaches with every intention of making this salad but instead made this peach crisp minus the maple … Continue reading | SF Foodie Insider Mobile Tips

A while back I responded to a tweet asking for intros to foodie bloggers in the San Francisco area. As luck would have it one of my best friends and former Culinary classmates fit the description for what this tweeter was looking for to a ‘t’. My girl Bex is now writing food reco guides … Continue reading

My Weekend in San Francisco

Friday – Dinner in north beach, elbo room in the mission and Pupusas with Marianne Saturday – Dim Sum with my china doll.  Iced mint mojito at Philz Coffee in Soma, Run around the Embarcadero, Night out in the Marina with Erin & Co. Sunday – Vintage shopping with Ray & Zoe in Haight, Dinner … Continue reading

Spaghetti con Bolognese Sauce (aka really good meat sauce)

The other week my friend Belia mentioned to me that she managed to mess up making Spaghetti. I think we nailed down the culprit… portions. Poor Belia thought the box of Spaghetti was equal to 1 portion. The average box of Barilla Spaghetti has 8 servings! I’m going to blame that one on overcrowding; when … Continue reading

Spring Dish: Wet Polenta with Mushrooms and Ramps

Polenta is one of my favorite foods. It’s so simple. It’s basically Italian grits. My ex-boyfriend was southern and so when I would make Polenta with Osso Bucco I would tell him it was Polenta (he thought he hated grits) to ensure that he ate dinner. Technically that wasn’t a lie. I was just omitting … Continue reading

Herb crusted pork chops and corn mash-up

I’m posting this for Jasmine since she didn’t get any savory recipe contributions from me for her moleskin. I don’t measure anything. Which is why I absolutely suck at baking. The corn mash up is something that I make with whatever looks good in the fridge. Today I was trying to use up some mushrooms … Continue reading

Jamie Oliver – 20 Min. Meal Cooking App

I’ve been a huge fan of Jamie Oliver since his Naked Chef days. I was uber excited when I saw his 20 Minute Meal App in the iTunes store. I’ve been struggling to cook at home lately and I just feel like crap when I eat out more than 3x per week. Then there’s the … Continue reading