Aliyah’s Second Birthday

I just got back from spending the day in Rancho Cucamonga for my cousin Alina’s daughters second birthday. Babies are loud. Aliyah cries anytime anyone other than her mom or grandpa try to hold her. At least I tried. With my cousins Bobi and Alina Advertisements

Lauren Portrait Done

I have a long list of portraits to do and the 1st (and longest coming one) is complete. Well it’s not really complete but if I pay any more attention or time on it, then I will destroy it I’m sure. Sorry for the beyond crap image quality. Yes, I took this on my iPhone. … Continue reading

Lauren Portrait – Watercolor

My weekend was pretty unproductive except for the progress made on the watercolor portrait (seen below) that I am doing for my cousin Lauren for Christmas. A couple years (Pre-Lauren years) back I created portraits for almost my entire family (or those that get presents from me) for Christmas. LuAnn, Lauren’s older sister was included … Continue reading