People I like
Monique the Geek – I work with this chick
Minted Condition – this one too
Katie Schultz Design – Recent SDSU grad and graphic designer that I’ve worked with.
Restart Here
– my good friend Marianne just moved from San Diego to San Francisco and she’s blogging about it. –
My BFF from Culinary School (circa 2004) writes about where to eat and the dishes that you have to try in San Francisco.
Cupcakes & Cashmere

Kendi Everyday
Keiko Lynn
Rockstar Diaries

San Diego Stuff
The Linkery – A farm to table restaurant in North Park.
Cucina Urbana – If you only eat one meal in San Diego. Eat it here and make sure you finish with a fresh plate of doughnuts!!
Home Merchantile – New and vintage clothing for Men and Women. Their website is not a fair representation of how awesome this store is.

San Diego Local News and Blogs
San Diego Neighborhoods

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  1. Great! you look so cute!

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