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10 Responses to “Say Hello”
  1. erin says:

    how did i not know about this before? did i know about this before? how do i follow this thing? can i follow this thing?

  2. amandarecord says:

    You know when I first saw your comment I thought it was spam! Lol. Then I recognized the email address. I think I probably showed you the blog before. But maybe not? Given that I’m a Marketer; I do a horrible job promoting this thing. Thanks for subscribing!

  3. Belia Carabez says:

    Well hello lovely,

    Your blog is super cool! Im kinda worried that I will become this insane online shopcoholic because of you though …..

  4. amandarecord says:

    Thanks Belia! There are worse things that can happen then buying super cute clothes. Whoever said that you can’t buy happiness was mistaken. At least you can come over and raid my closet the next time we go out. That should help until our Madewell excursion. 🙂

  5. Hey, got the link here from Mike Fogerty about the IDSD conference. I thought it was a good one. I’m glad we can connect about it. I’m going to post a recap soon too.

  6. amandarecord says:

    Thanks Mike. It looks like we attended all of the same IDSD sessions too! Looking forward to your recap.

  7. Hey Amanda. Thanks for mentioning Capital Cities about a month ago. Just came across your posting. We are in LA if you ever want to come see a show.


    • amandarecord says:

      Of course Capital Cities! Haha thanks for thanking me. Now that I’m in Long Beach I’m sure I’ll be able to hit up one of your shows in the near future. Maybe the Abbott Kinney Festival.

  8. do you have an email for us to invite you to a event?


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