The Rose Garden at Exposition Center

LA area rose garden




Watts Towers | SF Foodie Insider Mobile Tips

A while back I responded to a tweet asking for intros to foodie bloggers in the San Francisco area. As luck would have it one of my best friends and former Culinary classmates fit the description for what this tweeter was looking for to a ‘t’. My girl Bex is now writing food reco guides … Continue reading

San Francisco – Remaining Tourist Pics

I got home late last night and was delighted to see all of my stuff is STILL in my apartment! Mainly the couch and my bed. I really missed those guys. Here’s the rest of the pictures that I took from the last week of my trip to San Francisco.

My Weekend in San Francisco

Friday – Dinner in north beach, elbo room in the mission and Pupusas with Marianne Saturday – Dim Sum with my china doll.  Iced mint mojito at Philz Coffee in Soma, Run around the Embarcadero, Night out in the Marina with Erin & Co. Sunday – Vintage shopping with Ray & Zoe in Haight, Dinner … Continue reading

L.A. Story

Late Saturday my friend Belia asked me if I would be up for a spur of the moment trip to LA. My answer was, “Hells to the YES!”. Our first stop was in Rancho Palos Verdes at Terranea Resort where my friend Ben (from Culinary School) works at Mar’Sel. Mar’Sel is dinner only and the … Continue reading

San Francisco: To-Do List for Out of Towners That Used to Be In-Towners

When I was 19 I got the bright idea to go to Culinary School in San Francisco (a city where I knew no one). San Francisco and I have a love/hate relationship. She loves me, keeps on finding reasons to lure me back; I can stand her until the sun goes down and I freeze … Continue reading

Desert Getaway

I just got back from spending the weekend in Palm Desert with my friend Erin, her bf and family. It’s been raining on and off all week here in San Diego but the weather was PERFECT in the desert. I had the best time. Lots of laughs, mudslides, and heated water! We celebrated Erins’ upcoming … Continue reading