Fleeting Diversions by Jasmine Little

A couple weeks back one of my oldest friends, Jasmine Little had her first exhibition, Fleeting Diversions at Jancar Gallery in Los Angeles since she relocated to a small town in Colorado a couple of years back. Hands down my favorite living artist. It’s been amazing to watch her style progress in the last ten … Continue reading

Jackie and Kevin – Acrylic Portrait

This acrylic painting took me way longer to do than I originally thought it would. Pretty early on the thought occurred to me that maybe Jackie and Kevin wouldn’t want to keep a painting of Kevin choking Jackie? The photo that this portrait is based off of was taken at my going away party in … Continue reading

Binki Shapiro – A Study

This past Friday I got the overwhelming feeling of needing to paint… something, anything. Luckily Aaron Brothers was having a huge sale so I stocked up on some canvases. I started on a portrait of one of my friends and her boyfriend. I can’t give too many details on that until I give it to … Continue reading

Best Friend Watercolor Series – Justin Portrait

Possibly the coolest dude that I know! I like that this portrait is zoomed in compared to Jasmine’s and Ethan’s. Nice contrast. I’m thinking 2 more portraits (bringing the grand total to 5) to wrap up this series. But odds are I’ll only be able to get one more done before the big move to … Continue reading

Best Friend Watercolor Series – Ethan Portrait

Ethan’s portrait, the second in the Best Friend series is done. I made the mistake of sketching it out with a graphite pencil rather than the cheap #2 pencils that I normally use. So I had to try to lay down as much opaque color along the super dark sketched out lines as possible. I’m … Continue reading

Best Friend Watercolor Series – Jasmine Portrait

I’ve decided to start a BFF watercolor portrait series where I paint postcard sized portraits of some of the people that I consider my closest friends. First up is Jasmine, My BFF from high school in Twenty-nine Palms, CA. Jasmine’s a pretty legit artist herself, check out her work on her newly debuted blog here … Continue reading

Erin and Liberty Bell Portrait

The original. Obviously the dog is the one named Liberty Bell. It’s Erin’s boyfriends dog and Erin begged me to paint this. I told her I’d do my best but this is the 1st time I’ve ever drawn/painted a non-human. It’s a belated birthday present that I’ll get to hand deliver to her in San … Continue reading

That’s one less blank wall

The most common reaction when friends come over to my apartment is “Where’s all of your stuff?”. Growing up in a family full of hoarders I’ve developed an aversion to clutter and making it look like I own as little as possible is an art form that I’ve mastered. But even I was getting sick … Continue reading

Lauren Portrait Done

I have a long list of portraits to do and the 1st (and longest coming one) is complete. Well it’s not really complete but if I pay any more attention or time on it, then I will destroy it I’m sure. Sorry for the beyond crap image quality. Yes, I took this on my iPhone. … Continue reading

Nudes from Etsy.com

I’m not the most ambitious interior decorator. So when I moved into my new apartment I set out to re-create the living area of the apartment in the film, “The Break-Up“. Some might find the movie depressing but as someone that used to be in a relationship where we had 99.9% of those fights; I … Continue reading