Work Stuff – Business Card Infographic

Those of you that know me in real life know that early on (in my work life) I got thrown in eMail Marketing and lived & breathed that for a couple years. For a little over a year now I’ve switched gears and found myself doing SEO (define) work; mostly blogger outreach campaigns.

But I would say that my first love is still eMail Marketing. I just loved being involved (in-house positions vs. working at an SEO agency) in every step of creating the messaging and product offering to the customer. Plus as with all things online you can see (via analytics/software tools) exactly how people are interacting with what you send them. I geeked out on that a bit, being able to see what parts of a email people clicked on or what subject line got a higher open rate. The biggest reason that I’ve found myself staying in SEO vs. going back to eMail is just that there’s so more flexibility with SEO. I need that flexibility right now while I’m finishing School.

Below is a infographic that I got to be involved in creating for one of our clients. The whole creative/development process was alot of fun and reminded me of my former job focus where it was so important to be detail oriented. Also there are so many parts of the creation process that require ‘thinking’ versus just clicking on ‘submit link’ buttons. You might have to be in SEO to get that joke. The response (from those that we’ve shared the infographic with) so far has been really positive too; making it all the more rewarding for myself.

Best Tips for How to Print and Design Business CardsCreated by


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