28th birthday weekend

I spent Friday night with Erin and crew in Mission Viejo. Erin was my neighbor growing up in Orange County and her mom has the same birthday as me! So I crashed her mom’s holiday exchange/birthday eve party. Which meant I got to see my momma on birthday! Though I didn’t think to take a photo with her. :/

Erin and her friends apparently got this same brew the night before. The Bartender was like ‘Who’s ordering my Alesmith? Oh you guys are back.’. I believe the makers are based in San Diego. It was pretty good and yeah I’m still claiming that I’m not a beer drinker.

I wasn’t feeling so hot the next morning (for obvious reasons). An acai bowl from Banzai Bowl was the ONLY thing that I wanted. The one below is Maui Sunrise but I’m considering going with Shark’s Cove (plus coconut shreds) in the future.

On Saturday (12/3, actual birthday!) I went to Congregation Ale House with friends. This is my favorite place in Long Beach! I am obsessed with their sour cream, sweet chili pepper dipping sauce. Plus I needed an excuse to wear this new dress from Dahlia.

On Sunday some of my family drove up from Orange County to take me out to dinner and my Aunt Ruthie did this….

I have walked past this bike rack countless times and never once did this action occur to me as an option. Anyways, overall a great weekend! I’m excited for the next year. I feel like things are going in the direction that I need them to.


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