Jackie and Kevin – Acrylic Portrait

This acrylic painting took me way longer to do than I originally thought it would. Pretty early on the thought occurred to me that maybe Jackie and Kevin wouldn’t want to keep a painting of Kevin choking Jackie? The photo that this portrait is based off of was taken at my going away party in San Diego (notice Whistlestop’s vibrant green hued walls in the background). Well I really like that photo and I thought it was sketched out halfway decent. So worst case scenario I get to keep this and I can paint them something else that is ‘nicer’ that Jackie won’t have to hide when her abuela comes over.

I intended to give this to Jackie for her birthday but missed that deadline by a long shot. I’m sorry Jackie! Kevin’s face alone took 2 weeks. Regular painting takes so much longer than watercolor does and I’m so impatient. I’m a little nervous since 2 people know that I’ve been working on this little project but neither one of those people are Kevin or Jackie :/.

Well guys like I said if you don’t want this one I would LOVE to keep it and paint you a ‘nice’ portrait. I was going to send this home with Lauren (I pick her up tomorrow am from LAX) but I’m probably going to work on Kevin’s hand a little more. Maybe I’ll bring this down with me around the 17th when I’m in town for my holiday work party? It almost killed me not posting work-in-progress pics on Instagram like I normally do.

                        The original

Bianca looks crazy. Haha

One Response to “Jackie and Kevin – Acrylic Portrait”
  1. sophiassweetspot says:

    Love It! You did an awesome job!

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