Binki Shapiro – A Study

This past Friday I got the overwhelming feeling of needing to paint… something, anything. Luckily Aaron Brothers was having a huge sale so I stocked up on some canvases. I started on a portrait of one of my friends and her boyfriend. I can’t give too many details on that until I give it to her. On the off chance that she checks this thing.

Which got me thinking about what I would want to paint for myself. I got a really big canvas for a piece of my sister that I’m going to start on. But that one is going to take a really long time for a number of different reasons so I’d like something easier done beforehand. Anyways I’m thinking the piece of my sister, Heather will go in the living room and then I’d like to paint another one either for the bedroom or above my desk. I usually paint people that I know. But I thought it might be cool if tried painting someone that I don’t know: enter Binki.

She’s the singer in Little Joy. Her voice and the presence that she has in photos exudes a sense easy going-ness. She just seems at peace. My favorite photos of her are with her bandmate/boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti. I think if I pick a photo of the two of them that it will go in the bedroom and if I just go with Binki solo then the desk it is.


I think I’m favoring this one or the one below. It would be cool if I tried to use those blue tones in the hair.

With Fab

Let me know which way you think I should go!


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