Dear FYF Fest: Thank you!

This past weekend four of my fave San Diegans came up for FYF Fest in Los Angeles. It was fun getting to spend a couple days with the girls and they got me a housewarming present…. a full length mirror! Apparently it was the one thing that my house was missing. They surprised me by picking up this sweet mirror at this yard sale across the street (while I was inside packing).

FYF Fest was amazing! But it made me feel really old. Which is funny because usually I’m the one with the most energy but Belia must save all of hers for music festivals! I was really into the Smith Westerns, The Head and the Heart, Cults,  and Girls sets. There were back to back shows from noon to Midnight! Lauren, Nia and I bailed around 9pm for some Chinatown shenanigans :). Unfortunately (for me) some of those photos made it onto Facebook but that doesn’t mean that you will see them on here!

5 hour energy – fueling up

FYF Fest 2011

Then Ginny, Lauren and I hit up the Standard for breakfast before the girls dropped me back off in the LBC.


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