OBSESSED with Clemence Poesy

She’s so cute and easy breezy French. I guess Clemence has been around for a while. But since I’ve never seen any of the Harry Potter movies (all the way through; short attention span). I was introduced to her when she made a guest appearance on Gossip Girl last season. Now Gossip Girl I am obsessed with!

I wish I had toothpick legs like Clemence and Alexa! I’m gonna shop around for a bike when I’m in San Diego this weekend. I’m a runner mostly by habit from the soccer playing days of my youth. But Jasmine’s a recently converted cyclist. She was telling me a while back that you burn more calories running but you put on muscle. Whereas with cycling you just become really lean without adding bulk. So let’s see how lean I can get my legs!

That and Long Beach is really perfect for cycling. From what I can tell Long Beach is almost completely flat. It seems like everyone around here relies on their bike for getting around. So I’m up for it. I usually use running as a way to explore new cities but cycling will let me cover more ground ;).


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