Urbandig.com | SF Foodie Insider Mobile Tips

A while back I responded to a tweet asking for intros to foodie bloggers in the San Francisco area. As luck would have it one of my best friends and former Culinary classmates fit the description for what this tweeter was looking for to a ‘t’.

My girl Bex is now writing food reco guides for UrbanDig.com. If I were you I would trust Bex. She and her bf spend a small fortune on eating out at the cities best establishments on on a regular basis. Haha (it’s true!).

So you’re probably wondering what the heck this site is about? As I understand it right now UrbanDig is mostly supported by their iPhone app. They are launching in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Vancouver where they’ve assembled teams of food bloggers who are then given food tour themes. The bloggers create a list of places for you (the app downloader) to go to based on the theme. Bex’s theme is the Spotted Dish, eats under $15.

Please support my gal by using this link to request a UrbanDig invite.
or follow UrbanDig via Twitter at @UrbanDigSF or @UrbanDigLA

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