Oh Adele


I wish I had a cool old person name like Adele, Miriam or Tilda. I went through this phase when I was younger where I changed my name every other week and insisted that my parents refer to me by my new name. For some reason they played along too! Though the name’s I picked were more valley girlish (Stacy, Tiffany, etc.). I was watching a lot of Saved By The Bell.

Back to Adele. I love her, the brash honesty and THAT laugh. Hearing her talk about how much she loves cigarettes makes me really glad that to this day I have still never tried one.

This remix is on the running playlist right now too. Adele remixed is the only way I can listen to her while running; otherwise I would start crying in the middle of a lap. I think this remix is still my all time fave Adele remix. It was pretty much the only thing that I listened to in January.


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