Interactive Day San Diego

I was lucky enough to attend Interactive Day San Diego this past Wednesday put on by San Diego Ad Club.  Since I’ve been dedicating most of my time to SEO and link building lately… yes, Rand Fiskin’s presentation was the most actionable for my work life and you can download his presentation on “the Unfair Advantage of Inbound Marketing” here. Hearing Crosby of Red Door Interactive and Alex Funk of Covario talk about Twitter’s promoted tweets, accounts and trends was also pretty sweet. They went old skool panel Q&A discussion (which I loved) rather than a powerpoint preso.

But if relevancy to my actual work was thrown out the window and I was given the choice to attend only one of the seminars from Interactive Day then it would have been Berger Shop’s “Creating Real Brands for Real Fans”.  I feel like the seminar title sold this presentation short. In fact originally I had no attention of attending but as luck would have it the seminar I sat in on before Berger was in the same room and I decided to keep my colleague company. My misconception was that Berger would speak on creating brand evangelists (and in a way it was). But Bergers going beyond creating evangelists. He’s thinking way, way outside the box and asking people to think (literally in one project) and to me his work feels more like installational art than re-branding household names and sports teams. What impressed me the most was how different each of the campaigns were. He’s not coming up with one genius concept and re-purposing it; he’s reinventing the wheel every time. Now if only could reflect that.

Project 1 – NY Hearts Lebron
A grassroots project where Berger Shop recruited 2 youngsters from Harlem to lead the movement of New Yorkers asking James to join the Knicks. Berger Shop was given 48 hours to conceptualize this campaign. Which included having two twelve year old die hard basketball fans man a NY Hearts Lebron facebook page, creating a #NY<3Lebron, installing voting buttons all over the city where New Yorkers could vote for Lebron coming to New York and of course the website.
www –

Project 2 – The Atlantic Project
The Atlantic is one of the oldest publications in the U.S, Berger was given the challenge of introducing the periodical to new readers and changing it’s existing audiences perception of the magazine. Berger launched an integrative campaign installing some of the most thought provoking questions (via light installations, and paper clippings) around New York City and then filming what people had to say.
www –


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