Spaghetti con Bolognese Sauce (aka really good meat sauce)

The other week my friend Belia mentioned to me that she managed to mess up making Spaghetti. I think we nailed down the culprit… portions. Poor Belia thought the box of Spaghetti was equal to 1 portion. The average box of Barilla Spaghetti has 8 servings! I’m going to blame that one on overcrowding; when cooking anything it needs to be able to breathe. This is especially true for pasta since it’s super easy for your pasta to stick together in clumps if you don’t constantly move it around in the boiling water.

Anyways I came over to Belia & Ethan’s to show Belia how I make Spaghetti. She was taking copious notes there in the beginning and then I told her that I would post the recipe for her and Jasmine on here. Here it goes!

Spaghetti con Bolognese
Bolognese Sauce

1/3 LB. of ground lamb, veal, pork
Garlic (sliced)
Mirepoix (Onion, Carrots, Celery all fine diced)
A swig of Red Wine (I pour in whatever I’m drinking at the moment)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Salt & Pepper (to taste)
Fresh Basil
1-2 Bay Leaves (remove after cooking)
1-2 cans of whole peeled tomatoes with basil

1 box of Barilla Spaghetti
Boiling water
EVOO (drizzle olive oil over pasta after you put the pasta in the strainer, so it doesn’t stick)
pinch of salt (for the water)

Chop up all the vegetables and garlic. You don’t want to be doing this as your going along as it can get to be disorganized. Cooks call this mis-en-place which translates to “everything in place”. Get a pan that it big enough to hold a good amount of sauce.

Making Spaghetti con Bolognese

1) Bring your sauce pan to a med-high heat. After it’s heated pour in EVOO. If you pour in the EVOO into a cold pan it will take longer for the pan to heat up.

2) Now that the pan is nice and hot, dump in all that meat. Make sure that you’re using a wooden spoon to separate the meat. You’ll have to constantly do this so that the meat doesn’t separate into meat ball sized clumps.

3. Now cook the veggies in the same pan (garlic, then onions, then carrots & celery). I did this step in a separate pan at Belia’s because the sauce pan was so teensy. But if you can do the meat and vegetables in the same pan then do it! Otherwise you loose some of the flavors when transferring from pan to pan.

4. Pour in a good glug of red wine when all the veggies (translucent) and meat is cooked. You’re doing this to de-glaze the pan. Which just means there’s a lot of yummy meat juices on the bottom of the pan from when you seared of the meat. Pouring in the wine makes sure that you get all of those. Let the wine cook off for a minute or two.

5. Pour in your can of tomatoes. I get the whole peeled tomatoes so I squish every tomato by hand into the pot (oh, remove the basil that comes in the can). Cook on high for a little bit and then bring the sauce down to medium for at least 40 minutes! The longer the better. When you start your pot of water for the pasta turn the sauce to a low heat.

6. Add Salt & Pepper, a good amount

7. Add a few stems of fresh basil, I do this when I’ve brought the sauce pan down to a medium heat.

Cooking the Spaghetti
1) Bring a pot of water to a boil
(add a little salt in there)
When it’s boiling add 1-2 servings of Pasta
3) Cook until al-dente
(the pasta is still firm in the middle but cooked). I think it took around 10 minutes for the dry spaghetti to get al dente. But start checking it at 8 minutes (every stove-top cooks differently).
4) Remove Spaghetti from water into a colander or strainer
5) Drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the Spaghetti (so it doesn’t stick).

Making Spaghetti con Bolognese

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