Attack of the Bold Lip – Fuchsia + Red Lipsticks

tarte lip stain

With Tarte lip stain only

For the last couple weeks I’ve been consumed with finding the perfect fuchsia and red lipstick no matter whether the tube be from the CVS or Sephora. I ended up combining products from both.

Mac Ruby Woo as seen on Rockstar Diaries here and here. I have the same coloring as her so I figured this would look good on me. The shade works but it’s so matte that it dries the heck out of my lips. Not so pretty :(. So I bought another drugstore red (Loreal Infallible lipcolor in Ravishing Red) that’s more moisturizing to mix with Ruby Woo.

Perfect Red Lip Tutorial by Keiko Lynn

The red lip is a classic but I have a sweet spot for bold pinks. So I’m partial to Fuchsia. I’ve heard that if you don’t mine dropping a few bucks then YSL’s Le Fuschia ($30 each) is the way to go. I did mind dropping a few so I opted for the drugstore version in Revlon’s Colorburst in Fuchsia ($8.99 each). Which is the perfect shade and super moisturizing. I layer Tarte’s natural lip stain in amused on top for even more moisture (it tastes like mint too!).

Full on Fuchsia - stain + lipstick


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