Tea tasting in South Park

My mom is a bit of a Tea snob. So when she dropped by after a doctor’s visit I decided to take her to Halcyon Tea in the South Park region. I had heard very good things about Halcyon and the owner, James (BTW he does all their print & web design too) lived up to his reputation. Letting us smell the Oolongs, Green Teas, and Masala Chai. I ended up getting a Tikuaryin Comp Reserve Oolong and Matcha Genmaicha Green Tea and then I bought my Mom’s picks for her belated b-day present. If you’re in the neighborhood they have free tea tastings every Friday from 5-9pm.

That's my momma!

4 Responses to “Tea tasting in South Park”
  1. June says:

    I interviewed to work there but didn’t get the job. *tear*

  2. amandarecord says:

    Awwl 😦 that sucks. Do they get really busy? It seemed really chill when I went in.

    I’ve seriously consumed like 10 cups of Oolong today! I’m all hopped up. BTW — I still want that Blind Lady tee that you almost forgot at that place on St. Patty’s!!

    • June says:

      The past few times I’ve gone, there has been at least one other person. It does seem very chill, I love how relaxing it is in there.

      And HEY I have a real reason to wear that now; I’ve picked up a Sunday shift at BLAH if you wanna come in!

      James: I completely understand! It seems like a wonderful place to work; I will definitely keep in touch!

  3. James says:

    Amanda, it was great to meet you and your mom at the shop! As I mentioned, I really enjoyed the dynamic between the two of you. You both selected some great teas!

    June, I wish we could have hired everyone! We met many great people during the interviews. Thank you so much for interviewing with us! Please stay in touch, because you never know…

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