A Jewish BBQ

One of the things that not that many people know about me (because it’s confusing!) is that I have family members that are Catholic, Jewish, and Christian. Growing up we celebrated Christmas and Hannukah. But technically my Jewish family isn’t blood related to me. My Aunt Lisa is my mom’s best friend from high school. When my mom had the bright idea to have me in her early twenties. My Aunt Lisa’s parents (pop and nana to me) basically gave my mom all the enthusiasm that my grandma wasn’t able to muster up at the time of her daughters embending doom. To be honest I’m not even sure what my mother was thinking!

Luckily for me it all ended up working out.  The Burkes’ are one of a few extended families that I grew up with.  Oddly enough I’m closer to them then I am with some of the people that I share genetics with. My Uncle Eric flew in from Virginia for a work thing in San Diego and everyone took the opportunity to throw a Oscar/BBQ party on the fly at my Aunt Geri Sues in San Clemente.

2 Responses to “A Jewish BBQ”
  1. Lara Stefani says:

    I’m really digging your blog yo. Sucks your stupid house guest was playing dubstep while you were working!

    • amandarecord says:

      Shut it L! I guess if I’m gonna talk crap on you then I shouldn’t send you to my website that shows you what I said. Lol. I forgot that my twitter feed posts on this hp. Oops! You know I love you. Now your music taste….

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