Hair Product Junkie

When I was younger (allowance age and older) my rule of thumb for knowing that I needed (Yes, this definition is debatable) to have something was that I didn’t stop thinking about the item after I left it’s presence. That’s been the case with a couple hair products lately. At the moment I’m hooked on these four.

Lush Big Shampoo – $22.95
Apparently this is a bit of a cult product. It’s very weird to use since it’s almost 80% sea salt. But surprisingly all that salt works to exfoliate your hair or so I’m told. After you work it in your hair the salt melts away into a nice lather. The nice lather really surprised me because I find most natural, organic (blah, blah, blah) beauty products don’t lather well. The smell is faint but nice. There are a ton of reviews on this product out there and the one common downside (if any) reviewers complain about is the sea salt drying out your hair with daily use. But my hair is greasy as heck so this stuff actually makes my hair normal. My 1st tub lasted for 2 months. So to me the cost is justified.

Batiste brunette dry shampooBatiste Brunette Dry Shampoo – $7-$8
I’d been wanting to jump on the dry shampoo bandwagon for a minute but wasn’t sure where to start. One of my friends used this one in a different scent when she came down for New Year’s weekend. I got the brunette version and no complaints. It smells nice and extends my hair life by a day or two each time I use it. It’s one of the cheaper versions out there that manages to have a good reputation.

bumble and bumble surf sprayBumble and Bumble Surf Spray – $25+
A couple years back I had a pixie cut and I used to love what the ocean would do to my hair the whole 3x that I went surfing. Bumble and Bumble has a video where they show how they use this product on a model with short hair. My hair is too long to be able to get the same gritty volume that they show in the video. I’ve found this spray works best on my hair after I’ve put in a gloss serum or brillantine on my hair first to fight any frizz and then I apply the spray while my hair is still wet. I get a lot of frizz if I try using surf spray on my dry hair. I’ve also heard that other girls with naturally straight hair will do a loose curl and then spray to get a bolder wave than they would get with scrunching alone. But I haven’t tried that technique yet. I’ve used this stuff for the last couple of days and I kid you not that I’ve received compliments each time. It’s one of those products where people notice that you did something different but they can’t put their finger on what’s different. I bought mine at my salon for $25.

garnier fructis high gloss leave in serumGarnier Fructis Sleek Anti-Shine Leave-in Serum – $12.99
This makes my hair ridiculously shiny! Which I think is key for the full bang that I’ve been rockin’ as of late. The main downside is that the next day (after use) it looks like I haven’t washed my hair for two days instead of one.


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