That’s one less blank wall

The most common reaction when friends come over to my apartment is “Where’s all of your stuff?”. Growing up in a family full of hoarders I’ve developed an aversion to clutter and making it look like I own as little as possible is an art form that I’ve mastered. But even I was getting sick of my blank walls. 6 months into living in my place I decided to take up a painting project.

I like abstract painting and knew that I wanted something painted, kinda big and colorful for my living area. But all the stuff that I ended up liking enough was pretty expensive. Even on

I found this guy in the last West Elm catalog. I fell in love with it and no one could tell me who the artist was. I then proceeded (very ambitiously) to re-create this painting for my place. It took me a good 2 months and mind you I did it in Acrylic. I’ve only ever painted in Oil. In hindsight thank the lord I chose Acrylic! It’s way cheaper and with my plastic palette the clean up was a cinch.


The Messy Beginning - It's upside down here

It look Bianca 2 seconds to warm up to the new shelf (meant for the painting)

So now it hangs like this. So both the painting + Bianca can fit


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