All Good Things – Movie Review

I’ve been known to like some twisted stuff. If you consider Law & Order: SVU and CSI: Las Vegas twisted that is. But this time I surprised even myself by renting “All Good Things” in iTunes. Apparently iTunes is doing a “new release” option where you can select new movies that haven’t hit the theater yet and rent them at home. I rented the movie for $9.99 (savings for anyone with plus ones). I don’t remember hearing about this option anywhere online though? It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the movie sales for the films that participate?

They list this film as a thriller, about a New York Real Estate Heir that literally gets away with murder. But it really isn’t (a thriller) in my opinion. The official movie website claims the “love story/murder mystery” genre. Which is a good thing in my book since I am a huge wimp. There wasn’t that much suspense either. Another good thing since I generally am such a sissy that I skip through those parts when I watch movies by myself.

The film definitely focuses on the storyline and I really liked how it showed the relationship between Katie McCarthy and David Marks’ (roughly 70% of the movie) growing over time. Even if we all know how the story ends. Gosling also did a really great job with his portrayal of Marks’. Don’t quote me but I think Marks’ is Schizophrenic? You can see telltale signs of this in his behavior but I like that they didn’t excuse of any the crimes in the film. No sugarcoating. You get to know Marks’, you feel sorry for him but you don’t root for him to get away with anything. Even though I knew (or thought I knew) how the film would end there were a few surprising twists and turns along the way. The cinematography and score are also great. Overall I highly recommend seeing this film!


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