Holiday Wish List

This post is inspired by Cupcakes & Cashmeres’ recent post seen here. With the exception being that my items are things that I want (vs. selfless gift giving). I love organizing all of the things I want into one page. Too bad everything wouldn’t fit. Check in over the weekend for the 2nd post on Bath & Beauty products wishlist (not to mention a Lush product review post).

1. Grayscale thigh highs from Nasty Gal – $30.00
2. Motel Jean Dress from Motel Rocks – $63.00
3. Initial Key chain from Urban Outfitters – $12.00
4. Silk Bow dress from Forever 21 – $26.90
5. Motel Barbara Dress in Black from Motel Rocks – $70.20
6. Rhinestone Mesh Necklace from Urban Outfitters – $34.00
7. The Ringwald dress from Karmaloop – $68.00
8. Earnest Sewn .290 Harlan Jeans in kalma from Madewell – $195.00
9. The Addie Bean by Coal from Karmaloop – $26.00


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