Kitty Troubles

Bianca, my 2 yr. old cat has been sick since I got back from Florida last week. Side note – as I type this I can hear her weaseling her way into the cabinet where I keep her dry food. I guess her dinner portion wasn’t big enough? I brought her in for what I thought was a UTI problem. It was our 1st visit to the vet in a long time and I feel horrible for that. She didn’t have a UTI because she was missing the bacteria on the exam but she mimicked all of the other symptons (blood spotting, etc.). The vet told me that she probably didn’t take me moving her when I was out of town too well and the stress was the cause for her state. Then I found out she had ear mites!! Which unlike the UTI scenario is pretty common in cats & dogs. So I’ll be giving her ear drops & pills for the next 2 weeks. They also gave her an annual vaccine. I don’t envy the staff that has to give cats shots or anything for that matter. But I’m glad to have a healthier kitty back.


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