Halloween Guido Style

I haven’t dressed up for Halloween for the last 3 years and was planning on keeping the tradition this year. Then my friend Erin called and talked me into going out. Which worked out well since the majority of the time that I was in Florida my cousin spent trying to convince me to be Snooki for Halloween. If I was dressing up then there really wasn’t any other option! Come on. I don’t see that show lasting for too much longer ;).

Attempting to create the poof. I needed a “bump it” professional but since I didn’t have one I went the teasing/hairspray route.

I was hoping to see a gang of Snookis’ out since it was supposed to be the #2 most popular Halloween outfit in the country. I have a feeling that San Diego was lacking on the Snooki factor but I did manage to spot some co-horts at one of the places that I went to. Sorry for the poor, poor image quality (iPhone photos).

Next to her I look semi-normal :(. It’s okay.

From far away I thought she was the real thing. I’m jealous of her poof!

2 Responses to “Halloween Guido Style”
  1. Jen says:

    I’m jealous of her..uh…shall we call them curves? Looks like you had a good time! Maybe a new tradition?

  2. amandarecord says:

    I did! It was fun. We met up with Ethan and 8 of his gay male friends. Which is the 1st time I’ve seen him around any gay guy much less a bunch of them. They were all super funny. You would have loved it. The ringleader ( I think his name is Brandon) sang the Salt ‘N’ Pepa song “Shoop ba Doop” on the Karaoke stage.

    P.S You’re my 1st blog comment now that I’ve moved to WordPress. Yay!!

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