Parker cuts to the point on MySpace & Friendster

I finally watched the Social Network last night. I had heard a ton of rave reviews for the film but I can honestly say the only reason it took me so long to catch on was the previews. Did anyone else dread watching those? All that melodramatic music and very little insight to what actually happens in the film. I guess I’m not brilliant enough to appreciate the artistic qualities of the previews. Thank God they didn’t leak into the film. The sharp dialogue keeps you on your feet.

Though I didn’t really get Timberlake as Parker. He did a good job acting-wise and all. But I found it distracting that the actor that played Zuckerberg looked more like Parker than Zuckerberg. Here’s a brief clip from a recent Parker interview. He’s one of those people where I could listen to him speak for hours. Especially since I don’t get the new MySpace concept. I think something that they’re missing is the simplicity of Facebook. In my mind visually the 2 sites are similar to Yahoo! and Google. I only go to Yahoo because I still have my personal email account with them. Otherwise the homepage is overwhelming and most of the functionality (importing social networks, etc.) that would make Yahoo! worthwhile usually doesn’t work.


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