We live in Analog Times

I live pretty close to downtown and a while back I came out for my old friend Justin’s girlfriends’ (Daniella) birthday at Analog Karaoke Bar in the Gaslamp. Analog is a semi-new bar opened by the same people who own Syrah. I cringe at the word “karaoke”. It’s like taking my fear of public speaking and adding music to the mix. But Analog a good place for anyone like me. The bar is split down the middle with half being karaoke/food and the other half being a normal Gaslamp bar. It was a pretty fun night and I really like the photos that they took. One of my friends that went just added one of the photos as his profile pic on Facebook. So it reminded me about them. Enjoy!

The whole gang. Lavender Cucumber Martini was okay.

Troy & Grace. So sweet.

The birthday girl & friends singing the Spice Girls. Daniella knew the words a little too well.


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