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I’m not the most ambitious interior decorator. So when I moved into my new apartment I set out to re-create the living area of the apartment in the film, “The Break-Up“. Some might find the movie depressing but as someone that used to be in a relationship where we had 99.9% of those fights; I find the movie hilarious. I’m pretty happy with the furniture I’ve gotten so far. Now I just need to fill up all the empty wall space.

Can I just say that nothing annoys me more that people pointing out my empty wall space when they come over? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking your time to find meaningful pieces rather than filling up space with crap. Just for the sake of not having to see blank walls. Okay rant over.

I’m pretty set on this abstract piece that will go over the couch. I wanted to get a couple of nice abstractey nudes for the entrance and bedroom wall. I don’t want anything that’s too in your face or I’m sure my dad will give me the “look” every time he comes over. He very religious right now.

Here’s a couple of prime candidates found on for supporting pieces


Other pieces that I would combine with the nudes that I pick

The piece de resistance (around which I’m basing all the other pieces chosen)


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