Panama City State of Mind

I had an unbelievable time on the Panama City trip this past weekend. I wish I could have afforded to stay longer but considering the last time that I made it out there was 10 yrs. ago. I’ll take what I can get. In my family we have a couple of adopted extended families. One of which is my Aunt Fern & company. Technically my Aunt Fern is my mom’s best friend through my parents’ marriage (ended in 2004). Fern was my dad’s best friends wife. Fern’s daughter (Stephanie) and I were born 6 months apart. Until I was around 7 or 8 I grew up with Stephanie. We were and will always be buddies. Even though the last time we saw each other was in junior high and we lead very different lives.  We pick right back up when we see each other. I find those are the kind of friends that I do best with (at this point in my life). So here’s to a weekend filled with catching up, waffle houses, sweet tea, oysters & avoiding naval men like the plague.

The gorgeous Momma with her little one at our Mani Pedi time

My Blue Electric Nails

Her 1st leopard print

Yes, I (lacking a maternal bone in my body) held the baby and I dare say I liked it. In small doses anyways. She was 10 lbs.!

My aunt Fern and my Mom. Best friends since 1983.

My cousin Allison

I pulled the “I’m only here once every ten years” card to get Stephanie to come out for a night on the town.

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