Jamie Oliver – 20 Min. Meal Cooking App

I’ve been a huge fan of Jamie Oliver since his Naked Chef days. I was uber excited when I saw his 20 Minute Meal App in the iTunes store. I’ve been struggling to cook at home lately and I just feel like crap when I eat out more than 3x per week. Then there’s the delicious (but pricey) WiFi cafe next door that tempts me everytime I step outside. So this app was just what I needed for motivation at the Grocery Store. It’s only $8.99 and I like that all the recipes are broken up by category (Tasty stir-fries, Classic Meat, Easy Pasta, Super Salads, etc.). Say I want to make 3 recipes. I add them to a shopping list and the app shows me a shopping list with all the items I need from the recipes that I added. I made the Dan Dan noodles for dinner tonight and I’m already feeling much better. I hope he adds more recipes! There’s also a ton of useful information for you if you have little to no time logged in the kitchen.


Dan Dan Noodles


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